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Wrap Around Bottle Labeler

Bottle Labeler

HL-760 Automatic Bottle Labeler

United Pharmatek introduces the latest automatic bottle labeler, used to perform efficient and stable high speed labeling without creating tension or breakage of the label while running at high speeds. The intelligent PLC Servo Labeling System can respond fast, scans and remembers label sizes automatically, and displays all of the operation parameters and system information on the screen, making operation conditions clear at a glance. Simple operation and performance can reduce staff training time and cost.


  • Touch Screen Control Technology.
  • Labeler length, lot number stamping and conveyor speed can be set and adjusted.
  • Automatic sensor, troubleshooting, data display.
Custom built labelers available for square bottles, both side labeling and top labeling available.

HL-760 High Speed Wrap Around Bottle Labeler

Bottle Labeler

# Model HL-760
1 Production Output Up to 100 meters/min or 350 bottles/min
2 Bottle Size Round Bottles 35-110mm; H 35-280mm.
3 Label Precision ± 1 mm (subject to product features)
4 Applicable Labels Length ~ 20–330mm. width: 140mm;
Paper Roll Inside Diameter: 76mm;
Outside Diameter: within 380mm
5 Machine Dimensions 1800 x 1100 x 1300mm