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UXG-8 Capping Machine

Capping Machine

UXG-8 High Speed Rotary Chuck Capper

United Pharmatek's UXG-8 High Speed Rotary Capper is applicable for round, rectangular, and most irregular bottles. It is equipped with 8 sets of screw-on capping heads for various kinds of plastic or glass bottles.

Our automatic bottle capping machine can handle a wide range of bottles and caps without any change parts. Our bottle capping machine can run up to 120 bottles/min and work with bottle caps up to 120mm in diameter.

  • Rejecting system for improperly capped bottles and/or missing foil cap liners (optional).
  • Sensor detection and rejection system available to remove improperly capped off the line.
  • Variable Speed Control.
  • Standard option PLC control w/color touch screen panel.
  • Snap-on capping system can be integrated into this unit for dual applications.

  • Note: Model UXG-8 Automatic Capping Machine does not come with the conveyor .
Adjustable Conveyor
Conveyor is adjustable for different diameter bottles
Close of Inline Capper
Bottle Capping Machine Spindles with Gripping Belt
Inline Capping Machine
Belt grips the bottles in place while the spindles spin the cap closed
Automatic Spindles
Rotary spindles spin the cap closed and tighten it
6 Spindles Tighten the cap onto the bottle

UXG-8 High Speed Bottle Capping Machine

Capping Machine

# Model UXG-8
1 Production Output up to 120 bottles/min.
2 Bottle Dimensions Min Ø20 ~ Max: Ø80mm
3 Cap Size Range Consumption Min Ø20 ~ Max: Ø50mm
4 Compressed Air Consumption 5L/min. 4~6 bar
5 Compressed Air Consumption 13 cfm (350 liters/min)
6 Machine Dimensions 2000 x 1000 x 1500mm
7 Machine Weight 8,000kg