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Gelatin Transparency Tester

Gel Transparancy Tester

Gelatin Gel Testing Equipment

UTM-1 Gelatin Transparancy Tester automatically calculates the transparency of gelatin by using a standard test tube and precise photoelectric transducers.

Meets the following standards

  • National standard (Food additive Gelatin) GB6783-94
  • Vocation standard (Gelatin for medicine) QB2354-98

Gelatin Transparency Tester

Gelatin Testing Equipment

# Model UTM-1
1 Test Range 20 ~ 500mm
2 Test Accuracy ±5mm
3 Volume 400ml
4 Dimensions 360 x 240 x 120mm3
5 Weight 3kg (7lbs)
6 Power 110V, 60Hz, 80W