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Gelatin Bloom Strength Tester

Gelatin Bloom Strength Tester

Gelatin Gel Testing Equipment

The UJS Gelatin Bloom Strength Tester System is used to measure the bloom of gelatin. Our UJS Gel strength tester consists of a main box, driving system, sensor, probe assembly, & circular table assembly. The default depth is 4mm but can be adjusted up to 80mm. Ensuring that the preparation and measurement of the gelatin solution and gel are maintained under strict standardized methods is of the utmost importance. That way, reproducible and reliable results can be guaranteed.

Gelatin Bloom Strength Tester System Consists of

  • UJS-2 Jelly Strength Tester
  • American codex/No.22/VSPXX
  • UZL-2 Refrigerator
  • UHW-2 Constant Temperature Bath

What does it mean to bloom gelatin?

Bloom is a test to measure the strength of a gel or gelatin, as a means of monitoring the effects of quality, concentration and processing methods. It is the force, expressed in grams, necessary to depress by 4mm the surface of a gelatin/gel with a standard 0.5" diameter cylinder probe. Gelatin is defined as a mixture of water-soluble proteins derived from collagen by hydrolysis. The functionality of gelatin is directly influenced by its strength, so the world’s gelatin producers and end-users use bloom strength testers as a key quality indicator.
A higher Bloom value mean higher prices.

Understanding gelatin is important in the production of capsules because gelatin-related factors are directly related to the absorption and bioavailability of a drug.

Gelatin Bloom Strength Tester

Gel Bloom Strength Testing

# Model UJS-2
1 Test Range 5 ~ 1000gr
2 Test Accuracy ±0.05% ±1g
3 Travel 1 ~ 80mm
4 Travel Accuracy ± 0.1mm
5 Temperature Control Range 5 ~ 39.9°C
6 Temperature Control Range Accuracy ± 0.1 °C
7 Cooling Time 30 min
8 Volume Accuracy ± 0.5ml
9 Power 110V, 60Hz, 1200W