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Disintegration Tester

Disintegration Tester

Disintegration Test Apparatus

UDT Series Tablet Disintegration Tester Apparatus is the requisite instrument in testing whether tablets or capsules disintegrate within a defined period of time when placed in a liquid medium. All of our lab instruments are designed and manufactured in according to USP Disintegration Specifications <701> and <2040>~as optional. UDT Disintegration Tester comes with 1 to 3 individually-controlled test stations, with their own keypad for easy setting of the required run time, independent of each other.

Disintegration Tester USP

Disintegration testers are used to test how a formulation in tablets or capsules will completely disintegrate in solution. Like dissolution testers, they permit researchers to analyze the in vitro breakdown of powdered compounds for quality control purposes.

Tablets are placed in the disintegration tester baskets and each basket, with mesh bottoms, is slowly moved up and down in a water bath at 37 °C. The Disintegration time taken for the tablets or capsules to disintegrate is noted; alternatively, disintegration testers can be used for pass/fail tests to see if the tablet will dissolve fully, if at all.

Details on approved test methods and official monographs can be found in the European or US Pharmacopoeias.

Disintegration Test

Disintegration Test Apparatus Specifications

# Model UDT-1 UDT-2 UDT-3
1 Nacelle Baskets 1 2 3
2 Volume of Beaker 1000 ml 1000 ml 1000 ml
3 Nacelle Stroke Frequency 29 ~ 32/min 29 ~ 32/min 29 ~ 32/min
4 Nacelle Stroke Distance 55 ± 1 mm 55 ± 1 mm 55 ± 1 mm
5 Temp. Range Ambient to +45 °C Ambient to +45 °C Ambient to +45 °C
6 Automatic Temp. Accuracy ± 0.5 °C ± 0.5 °C ± 0.5 °C
7 Heater Power 500W 500W 500W
8 Continous Work > 24 hours > 24 hours > 24 hours
9 Dimensions 260 x 300 x420 mm 400 x 300 x 420 mm 560 x 300 420 mm
10 Net Weight 11 kg (24lbs) 16 kg (35lbs) 22 kg (49lbs)
11 Power 110V/220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 600W
or as required
110V/220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 600W
or as required
110V/220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, 600W
or as required