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USC-301 Tablet Capsule Pill Counter

Semi Automatic Tablet Counter

USC-301A Tablet and Capsule Counter

Our Semi-Automatic Tablet Counters are used to automatically count and fill hard gelatin capsules, softgels, tablets, round pills, etc. Tablets/capsules fall into the turntable through the hopper and onto a rotating disk, where the guides sort them. They then fall through the counting sensors and nozzles. As they fall, the counting sensors count each item accurately.

  • Stainless steel construction, meets cGMP standards.
  • Touch Screen Control Panel
  • Dual Counting and Filling Nozzles
  • Dust extraction system can be equipped. Vacuum to be supplied by end-user.
  • No replacement of PC boards required for counting of transparent capsules.
  • The combination of modules makes replacement easy.

Stainless Steel Hopper
Rotating Capsule Disk
UAC Counter SIEMENS Color Touch Screen Interface
UAC Counter Vibrating/Diving Funnels
Rotary Table Spins to Feed Capsules
Simple Adjustable Guides
Dual Nozzles
Dual Nozzle count and fill 1 bottle at a time
Automatic Counter and Filler Conveying Indexing System

USC-301A Semi-Automatic Packing Machine

Tablet Counter Machine

# Model USC-301A
1 Production Output - Tablet Counting 5mm = 160,000/hr.
10mm = 90,000/hr.
2 Production Output - Capsule Counting #1: 50,000/hr.
#4: 70,000/hr.
3 Production Output - Softgel Counting (24mm long x 9mm high) 1100pcs/ min
4 Weight Approx. 60 Kg (132 lbs.)
5 Machine Dimensions 735 x 580 x 720 mm
6 Power Supply 220V, 60Hz, 1-PH