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Size reduction machine for Pharmaceutical Powder

Particle Size Reduction Equipment

UFZ Comill Conical Mill

UFZ Series Milling and Granulating Machines are widely used in pharmaceutical, food, and fine chemical processing industries. It is completely made of high quality stainless steel and built in conformance with the current cGMP standard. It is one of the most necessary pieces of solid dosage processing equipment in re-sizing the granules and re-granulating unqualified tablets.

Working Principle
The material to be processed enters into the feed inlet of the cone mill, which drops into the conical sieve chamber. The rotary knife rotates against the material, and grinds the granules against the sieve mesh surface. The granules are ground into particles by the shearing action produced by the rotary knife and sieve mesh, and then discharged through the sieve holes.

Cone Mill
Versatile size reduction machines for powder
Comill Powder Size Reduction
Powder Reduction System
Cone Mill
The size of particles can be adjusted by the cone screens
Solid Dosage Processing Equipment
completely made of high quality stainless steel and built strictly conformed to the current cGMP standard
 Cone Mill Powder Reduction

UFZ Conical mill


# Model UFZ-150 UFZ-300 UFZ-450 UFZ-700
1 Capacity 15 ~ 150kg/hr 30 ~ 300kg/hr 45 ~ 450kg/hr 70 ~ 700kg/hr
2 Range of Speed 300 ~ 2800rpms 300 ~ 2800rpms 300 ~ 2800rpms 300 ~ 2800rpms
3 Power 1.5kW 1.5kW 2.2kW 4.0kW
4 Dimensions 33" x 18" x 54" 33" x 18" x 54" 37" x 18" x 57" 47" x 23" x 71"