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Digital Liquid Filling Machine

Tabletop Gear Pump Liquid Filler

Our Digi-Fill Tabletop Gear Pump Liquid Filler is suitable for filling liquids with viscosity range of up to 10,000 cps. It uses a peristaltic gear pump so the filling range is infinitely adjustable to fill any volume requirement. Each revolution or partial revolution of the pump delivers an exact amount of liquid into the container. The amount delivered is controlled by a digital electronic counter, which counts 18 parts per revolution.

The pump is driven by an electric AC motor, which is controlled by a frequency inverter and microprocessor. The speed of the motor is adjustable from zero to full speed. A flexible impeller can be fitted to handle suspended solids or chunky products.

A double-head Digi-Fill liquid filler is available for increased capacity. The double head version has touch screen for a more intuitive and convenient operation.


  • Peristaltic pump for abrasive products.
  • User Friendly.
  • Positive-shut-off nozzle for products with low surface tension.
  • Foot switch.
  • Nozzle sizes to suit different bottle diameters.
  • Automation with conveyor and gating system.
  • To avoid cross-contamination, the pumps and nozzles are easily removed and dismantled for washing or autoclaving.
  • Accurate Filling.
  • Spare pumps and nozzles can be used for fast product changeover.

Digi-Fill Liquid Filler

Digital Liquid Filling Machine

# Model Digi-Fil (S) Digi-Fil (D)
1 Filling Range 10ml-10L 10ml-10L
2 Filling Viscosity Range 1~10,000 cps 1~10,000 cps
3 Filling Speed 24 bottles per min for 100ml fill
16 bottles per min for 300ml fill
10 bottles per min for 1000ml fill
38 bottles per min for 100ml fill
25 bottles per min for 300ml fill
15 bottles per min for 1000ml fill
4 Power Supply 110V, 60Hz, 1P 400W or as required 110V, 60Hz, 1P 1000W or as required
5 Main Machine Dimensions 310mm L x 480mm W x 310mm H 460mm L x 480mm W x 310mm H