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IBC Bin Lifter

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IBC Pharma Bin Lift

UTG series Pharma Bin Lifter is mainly used in pharmaceutical industry for transferring and loading powder and granules to other equipment such as blenders, mixers, mill sifter, tablet press, coating machine, capsule filling machine and so on. Utilizing the Bin Lifter optimizes the product flow and avoids dust and cross contamination. It’s the desirable transferring equipment in the pharmaceutical industry for solid dosage sector.

They are made of Austenitic stainless steel. All Angles are cambered, there is no dead angle, non concave-convex face and no screws on the surface. The surface outside and inside are polished to high quality. Roughness degree inside is Ra = 0.2 µ m, and outside is Ra = 0.4 µ m. Silicon seal is used on the cover to provide an airtight seal. while the custom butterfly discharge valve with no dead angle, is easy to dismantle and clean.

Control Panel for IBC BIN Lifter
Telescopic Post for transfering powders to next solid dosage stage.
Control Panel for Pharma Bin Lifter
IBC Lifter Pharma Bin
Pharma Bin Cone
Special Discharge Valve Eliminates Cross Contamination
IBC Pharma Bin
Butterfly Discharge Valve
Pharma Bin Butterfly Discharge Valve