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Capsule Polisher & Sorter Machine

Capsule Polishing Machine

CPX-III & CPX-IV Capsule Polisher

CPX-III & CPX-IV Capsule Polishing Machines are used to dust off, clean, and give hard gelatin capsules a finished, polished, glossy, and bright appearance. The filled capsules passed through a spiral brush, which removes the powder from the capsule surface. The perforated screen housing allows ideal aspiration for loose powder to be vacuumed off. The adjustable height of the polisher allows it to be easily adapted to any capsule filling machine as required. A capsule seperator is installed at the exit of the machine to reject any loose pieces, fragments, empty capsules from your completed final batch for a seamless production process.

  • The height and angle can be adjusted to fit into any chute of the capsule filling machines.
  • Automatically reject low weight, fragmented, and empty capsules.
  • New type net cylinder ensures no jammed capsules during operations.
  • The capsules are not directly contacted with the metal net to protect the printed capsules effectively.
  • Our new type of brush is easy to change and it is durable.
  • Excellent design for quick cleaning and maintaining.

Durable Stainless Steel Net Cylinder
Perforated screen housing for better vacuuming powder.
Capsule Polishing Machine
Hard Capsule Polishing
Nylon brush with Perforated screen housing
Dusts off, cleans, and gives hard gelatin capsules a cleaner finish.
Hard Capsule Sorter
Reject low weight, chipped, and empty capsules
Empty Capsule Rejection

CPX-III & CPX-IV Capsule Polisher & Sorters

Hard Gel Capsule Polishing and Cleaning

Technical Specifications for Capsule Polisher

1 Capacity 150,000 capsules/hr
(Based on #2 capsules)
300,000 capsules/hr
(Based on #2 capsules)
2 Vacuum 2.7m3/min -0.014MPa 2.7m3/min -0.014MPa
3 Weight 35 kg (77 lbs) 40 kg (88 lbs)