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Bin Washing Station

Bin Washing Station

IBC Bin Washing System

UAWS Series Automatic Washing Station consists of washing system, pump system, air handling system, and control system. To start to work, open the entrance door of the washing station, push the used containers such as bins, intermediate bulk containers into the station. When oriented, close the entrance door, and prepare for cleaning. Assign the working procedures (hot water, detergent, ionic water) and parameters such as cleaning time, drying time as needed. After confirming, switch on the whole system to start the washing procedures and parameters assigned in advanced. The surfaces outside of the container are cleaned by the nozzles positioned on the inner walls of the station; the surfaces inside of the container are cleaned by the telescopic spray nozzle. After cleaning, the drying procedure starts automatically until finishing the whole working cycle.


    Main Washing Chamber:
  • Front Door and Back Door – Double Door System.
  • Sanitary Water Inlet/Outlet System meet GMP Standard.
  • Spray System consist of bottom spraying, side spraying and internal spray.
  • Air Inlet System with Filtering System.
    Pump Station:
  • Compact Steam-Water Heat Exchanger: Water heated by steam, quick heat exchange, easy installation.
  • Stainless Steel centrifugal pump as Booster Pump suitable for light corrosive environment;
  • Detergent Tank with Detergent Metering Pump.
  • Air Control System consists of an auto-control sanitary valves with quick clamp for easy cleaning and meeting GMP requirements.
  • Pneumatic control system according to the washing procedure supplies the compressed air to the water control system & booster pump.
    Air Handling Station:
  • Air Filtering System: Primary efficiency air filter, medium efficiency air filter and high efficiency air filter to ensure the air sanitation.
  • Heating System consists of a high efficiency air radiator with low energy consumption.
    Control System:
  • SIEMENS PLC, Color Touch Screen Control System.
  • Integrated with data record printing feature as standard.
  • Access control with 3 levels – Manager, Operator, Maintenance Engineer.
  • The washing station washing cycle: Pre-Wash, Hot Tap Water Rinse, Hot pure water Rinse, Air Blow, Hot Air Drying, Cooling. The end-user can skip any of the steps as needed.

Bin Washing Station