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USZ-3 Automatic Desiccant Inserter Machine

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Desiccant Packing Machine

Our USZ-3 Automatic Desiccant Inserter is suitable for all bottles types. Desiccant rolls are mounted on the comb web of the machine. Desiccants are detected by BANNER Fiber Optical-Electronic Sensors, and they are measured, cut and inserted into the bottles automatically. It is equipped with HMI (Human Machine Interface) and Color Screen Panel for ease of operation. It has a compact design with built-in Plexiglas and safety interlocks. It can work independently or can be integrated into an existing or new bottle packaging line.


  • High quality all stainless steel construction to meet the cGMP standard.
  • Automatic lifting system for adjusting to different bottle heights.
  • Multiple desiccants inserting without additional change parts.
  • Memory capacity to record 10 job settings.
  • Conveyor backlog detection for automatic operation.

Note: Model USC-3 Desiccant Inserter does not come with the conveyor .

USZ-3 Automatic Desiccant Inserter

Packing Machine

# Model USC-3
1 Production Output 120 pcs/ min (single insertion)
80 pcs/ min (double insertion)
50 pcs/ min (triple insertion)
2 Bottle Opening 25-110mm
4 Compressed Air Pressure 85 psi
5 Machine Dimensions 1110 x 975 x 1910 mm
5 Power Supply 220V, 60Hz, 3-PH
6 Weight Approx. 490 lbs