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Tablet/Capsule Printer

Tablet/Capsule Printer

Tablet & Capsule Printer

Our Model UP-III Capsule & Tablet Printer is designed to print capsules, tablets and softgels with low noise, easy adjustments, friendly operating and efficient printing.

It is designed and built for the pharmaceutical and related industries to print products with various sizes and shapes such as round, oval, caplet, oblong, etc.

Machine Specifications

  • It is built to meet the current GMP standard.
  • It is constructed with high quality stainless steel, rugged design and well polished of both interior and exterior of the machine.
  • It incorporates frequency control system that is made by AB Company in USA, which is one of the well known suppliers with high quality performance.
  • The machine also features fool-proof operation, compact size, low-noise, high quality printing and environmental friendly.

Transport Disk
Specific to the tablet/capsule size
 Transport Disk
 Printer Roller
Printing Roller

Tablet/Capsule Printer

Printer for tablets & capsules

# Model UP-III
1 Unfilled powder capsules 00# - 5# > 45,000 capsules/hour
2 Filled powder capsules 00# - 5# > 50,000 capsules/hour
3 Tablets 3mm > 80,000 tablets/hour
6mm > 60,000 tablets/hour
12mm > 50,000 tablets/hour
4 Weight 150kg (331lbs)
5 Dimensions 910 x 560 x 650 (36” x 22” x25”)
6 Power supply 220V / 110V
7 Compressed air 40 Mpa
6 Output 0.25KW