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 Manual Deblistering Machine

Deblistering Machine

Tabletop Deblister Machine

DB-400II Deblistering Machine is ideal for recovering capsules, softgels and tablets from PVC/Aluminum blister packs. The Model DB-400II Manual Deblistering Machine is fed manually while the DB-400IIA is automatically fed. Blister packs are fed using a push-through style technique. With the model DB-400II, the operator continuously feeds/pushes blister packs, one pack pushing the next into the machine. DB-400IIA Automatic deblister machine has a chute to collect the blister packs, and a push plate automatically feeds in the blister packs to be deblistered.

The operating principle of our Deblistering Machine is the separation of the packaged materials and Alu/PVC blister packs through compression of a rubber wheel and metal rollers. By adjusting the distance between each metal roller according to the blister pack design, the products inside the blister pack will be "pressed out". The product then falls into a collection box while the waste material is ejected.


  • Recovery of capsules and/or tablets from alu pvc blister packaging.
  • Designed to suit all types of blister packs with simple adjustments.
  • Adjustable Production Speed.
  • Reliable, easy to operate – No experience required!
  • Two separate chutes for products and waste materials.
  • Auto separation of product and waste materials.
  • Collection box for product.
  • No change parts required for different size of blister packs!
  • Approximately 3-5 minutes for product changeover adjustment.

Deblister Machine

Deblistering Machine

# Model DB-400II DB-400IIA
1 Capacity ~ 1,200 Blister Packs/hr. ~ 2,400 Blister Packs/hr.
2 Max Blister Pack Size 120mm x 110mm 120mm x 110mm
3 Weight 91lbs/ 45kg 91lbs/ 45kg
4 Power Supply 110V, 60Hz, 1Ph or as required 110V, 60Hz, 1Ph or as required
5 Main Machine Dimensions 16" x 18" x 12"
(400 x 450 x 310)mm
16" x 18" x 20"
(400 x 450 x 500)mm