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United Pharmatek's UBB Pharma IBC Blender is a first class blending equipment that yield superb mixing uniformity of powder and other great advantages over other type of blenders. It consists of an Intermediate Bulk Container, rotary frame, driving system, lifting system, braking and SIEMENS PLC Touch Screen Control System. The operation is very simple: place the bin into the rotary frame, and press the confirmation button on the touch screen. The bin is then lifted to the required height and clamped. The driving system starts to work and mix accordingly to the time and speed assigned after the pressure sensors receive signal of tightly clamped. Reaching to the parameters assigned, the braking system starts to work and the rotary frame stops vertically. The mixing production is finished. The lifting system then works accordingly to lay down the bin. Pull the bin out from the rotary frame (can also separate materials from the bin directly in the frame) and the printer prints the entire production data. The working cycle has finished. The structure trait of UBB IBC Blender is the rotary frame (bin) and the mixing axis make of an angle, the movement of the materials inside the bin contains the wall of bin. This will yield a uniform and perfect mix.

A major advantage of using UBB Pharma IBCs in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, is the ability to carry out 'In Container Blending' and homogenizing of dry powder formulations. IBC blenders offer dramatically improved efficiency compared with conventional technology such as 'V' blenders including minimum process changes as dictated by FDA guidelines. Loading and unloading times are reduced, and no clean down of machinery is required between batches as the powder is contained within the IBC. As blending of dry powders is a key process in the manufacture of drugs and is the main sampling point for products, major savings can be found when sampling, as batches can be scaled up with the use of IBCs.

SCHNEIDER Color Touch Screen Control Technology
SCHNEIDER Variable Speed Converter—control production speed
Automatic tube loading, tube washing, positioning, filling, sealing & hot stamping
Tube loading and tube washing are done pneumatically
Stainless Steel Construction and all parts contacted with material are high quality 316L stainless steel to meet cGMP standard
Safety Production and Overload Protection Features are included
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# Model UBB-400 UBB-600 UBB-800 UBB-1000 UBB-1200 UBB-1500 UBB-1800 UBB-2000
1 B 1820 1900 2050 1970 2180 2180 2200 2350
2 C 2410 2540 2710 2760 2940 3050 3780 3420
3 H 2810 2980 3210 3350 3540 3560 3620 3860
4 L 2470 2940 2940 3310 3310 3500 3500 3500
5 E 460 210 350 470 510 480 500 620
6 R 1950 2330 2470 2590 2630 2780 2800 2900
7 F 1100 1440 1440 1440 1440 1550 1550 1550
8 G 420 520 520 520 520 600 600 600
9 Weight (kg) 1,800 2,500 2,800 3,000 3,200 3,700 4,000 4,200