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UAC-16 Tablet Capsule Counting/Bottling Packing Machine

Tablet Counter Machine

16-Channel & 32 Channel Automatic Tablet Counter

Our Tablet / Capsule Counter & Filler machines are used to automatically count and fill hard gelatin capsules, softgels, tablets, round pills, etc. UAC-16 has 16 channels with dual nozzles and equipped Intelligent Sensor Eyes, with a total of 176 sensor eyes for 100% counting accuracy. The tablet counter machine has three-stage vibration trays to infeed tablets or capsules; vibrating frequency is adjustable in each tray for quick and stable feeding. Bottles are positioned and indexed through air cylinders to ensure accurate positioning prior to filling thus avoiding spillage. It features diving nozzles that lock bottles into place prior to filling. UAC-16 Tablet Counter has an output of 80 bottles/min. For UAC-32, we integrated two (02) UAC-16 Tablet Counters for a total of 32 channels capable of counting up to 140 bottles/min.


  • New compact design, includes cleaner machine operation and easier clean-up
  • Japan's HMI Touch Screen Control Technology & Color Touch Screen Panel for reliable operations.
  • Suitable for counting any sizes and shapes of tablets and capsules w/o changing parts.
  • Sensor Control Double Rail Conveyor for Double Counting & Filling.
  • The products dropped by two-stage vibration and dedusting system without damage to the tablets or capsules, which conforms to the cGMP standards.
  • 16 or 32 counting channels, each equipped with product sensors to count each product.
  • The vibratory channel trays are seperated from the vibratory drive system to provide inner protection, longer machine life and 100% counting accuracy.
  • Equipped with advanced detecting system which includes a dust compensator and built-in spike controller. Sensor sensitivity automatically self-adjusts to offset the gradual accumulation of “dust” on the sensor window.
  • “Quick Disassembly” design for faster clean up. Can be dismantled in only a few minutes without the use of tools, making production changeover easy and time-saving.
  • Excellent after sales service support

Siemens Touch Screen Control
Each automatic pill counter is designed to eliminate potential human error and drastically decrease overall operation times
UAC Counter SIEMENS Color Touch Screen Interface
UAC Counter Vibrating/Diving Funnels
Dual Diving Nozzles
Nozzles dive into the bottles and cover the bottle mouth, holding the bottle in place while the pills / capsules are discharge into the bottles
Dual Nozzles with Autoamtic Gating System
Continuously counts the preset quantity of pills then fills one bottle after another as the conveyor automatically supplies empty bottles and transports them away once filled.
Automatic Counter and Filler Conveying Indexing System

UAC-16 & UAC-32 Automatic Packing Machines

Tablet Counter Machine

# Model UAC-16 UAC-32
1 Production Output Up to 70-80 bottles/min
(rated on #0 capsule - 60 count)
Up to 120 bottles/min
(rated on #0 capsule - 60 count)
2 Product Size Range Tablet Diameter 5 ~ 22mm;
Capsule #00 ~ 5
Tablet Diameter 5 ~ 22mm;
Capsule #00 ~ 5
3 Single Bottle Counts 15~10000 pcs./min. 15~10000 pcs./min.
4 Max Speed: 16,000 pcs/min. 16,000 pcs/min.
5 Power Supply 220V, 60Hz, 3-PH 220V, 60Hz, 3-PH
6 Weight Approx. 1000 Kg Approx. 2000 Kg