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UFL-2000 Induction Sealing Machine

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UFL-2000 Automatic Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

Our UFL-2000 Automatic Induction Sealer is an electro-magnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine that utilizes induction to obtain hermetic sealing by causing the surface of aluminum foil to instantaneously heat and adhere tightly on the mouth of bottle. The machine is suitable for sealing all types of products in many industries such as pharmaceutical, food, pesticide, petroleum, cosmetics, chemical and other applications. This procedure is necessary to ensure the highest sealing quality, increase the shelf life of the products, and for child resistant safety purposes.
It can work independently or it can be integrated into an existing or new bottle packaging line.


  • High quality stainless steel construction to meet cGMP standard.
  • Panasonic variable drive motor and speed control.
  • High operating efficiency and stable sealing.
  • Most affordable automatic induction sealer in the industry.
  • Composite aluminum foil for sealing is also acceptable.
  • Available Foil Detecting & Rejecting System.
  • Power Supply: 220V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase, NEMA Rated Plug .

Note: Model UFL-2000 Induction Sealer does not come with the conveyor .

UFL-2000 Automatic Induction Sealer

Bottle Cap Sealing Machine

# Model UFL-2000
1 Production Output bottle/min
2 Power 2000W
4 Sealing Cap Diameter Ф 15 - Ф 80 mm