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UMT Rapid Moisture Analyzer

Rapid Moisture Analyzer

Fast Moisture Tester

UMT Rapid Moisture Analyzer are a reliable and cost-effective solutions for determining the moisture content of your products to maintain quality and ensure optimum shelf-life. They help you optimize your process, saving time and money by reducing out-of-specification product.

Rapid Moisture Testers consists of two components, a balance unit and a heating unit.
To measure the moisture content, sample's start weight is recorded, afterwards a halogen lamp heats and dries the sample while the balance continually is recording the sample's weight. The analyzer shuts off once the sample stops losing weight and the moisture content is calculated. The Loss on Drying weight is used to calculate the moisture content.

What is a Rapid Moisture Analyzer Used For?

A rapid moisture analyzer, also called Fast Moisture Tester or Moisture Balance, determines the precise moisture content of a sample by analyzing the weight loss of a sample upon heating, otherwise known as "LOD" - Loss on Drying Principle.

Moisture analyzers are used in many industries such as food, chemical, pharmaceutical and plastics, as the moisture content influences the quality and shelf life of a product.

Pharmaceutical Thickness Testers

Thickness Testers / Calipers

# Model UHD-1 UHD-2 UHD-3 UHD-4
1 Test Range 0 ~ 5mm 0 ~ 30mm 0 ~ 5mm 0 ~ 30mm
2 Test Accuracy ± 0.01mm ± 0.01mm ± 0.01mm ± 0.01mm
3 Tablet Range Size N/A 0 ~ 30mm N/A 0 ~ 30mm
4 Dimensions 200 x 80 x 50 mm 200 x 80 x 50 mm 160x 55 x 40 mm 160x 55 x 40 mm
9 Net Weight 0.9Kg 0.9Kg 0.3Kg 0.3Kg