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USZ-2 Automatic Cottoner Filling Machine


Cotton Inserter Machine

Our USZ-2 Cottoner (Cotton Inserter machine) is suitable for all bottle shapes, heights, sizes, and cap diameters. The machine can be adjusted quickly and easily without the need for change parts. The cottoner will cut the cotton to the desired length with the help of two pairs of pinch rollers. Then, each individual piece is shaped into an inverted U and inserted into the center of a bottle. Last, the bottle is aligned underneath the funnel so that the cotton piece is filled into the bottle by an air cylinder (made by FESTO).

It can work independently or can be integrated into an existing or new bottle packaging line for a complete automated packaging line.


  • 3.5 cfm (100 – 110 liters/min).
  • Power Consumption: 1.6 Kw.
  • Note: Model USZ-2 Cottoner does not come with the conveyor .

Siemens Touch Screen Control
All functions on the Cottoner are operated through the touch screen control
Cottoner Filling Machine SIEMENS Color Touch Screen Interface
Cottoner Machine Travel
Cotton roll travel guides
Dual Pinch Rollers help to cut the cotton pieces to the desired length.
Cotton Filling Funnels
Bottle is placed under the funnedl and then the cotton piece is inserted into the bottle.
Automatic Cottoner Filling Nozzles

USZ-2 Cotton Inserter Machine


# Model USZ-2
1 Production Output 60 cycles/min
2 Bottle Opening 25-50mm
3 Compressed Air Consumption 3.5 cfm (100 – 110 liters/min).
4 Compressed Air Pressure 87 psi
5 Power Supply 220V, 60Hz, 3-PH
6 Weight Approx. 725 lbs