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Lab Mini Rotary Tablet Press

United Pharmatek's introduces the new Model UTP Series Advanced Mini Rotary Tablet Press with PLC Touch Screen Control System. It is designed to press both round and irregular shapes of tablets from various kinds of granular materials. It is an excellent press for laboratory or small-scale batch production.

The pressing chamber is completely separated from the gear drive system. The parts in contact with the tablets are made of stainless steel, or the surface of those parts are polished and sterilized. The chamber is also sealed with organic glass for a better working environment. The gear system, the trace and the major friction parts are fully lubricated by the continual and concentrated lubrication devices.

It is ruggedly built, easy to monitor and adjust the operating pressure, thickness and feeding, and has a user-friendly design. Speed adjustable hand wheels, indicating lights and other control buttons are conveniently located. All contacted material parts and overall exterior of the machines are made of high quality stainless steel to meet the cGMP standard. Custom engraving on tablets is available upon request.

Adjustment Handwheels
Pressure / Depth of Filling / Hardness
 Close view of Lab Tablet Press
Punches for Lab Mini Pill Press
Available Punches in D, B, or BB
Main Compression (60 kN)
Pre-Compression (Max. 10 kN)
Rotary Turret for Lab Tablet Press

UTP-8/16/24 Lab Rotary Tablet Press

Laboratory Rotary Tablet Press

# Model UTP-8 UTP-16 UTP-24
1 Capacity Up to 14,440 tablets per hour Up to 28,880 tablets per hour Up to 51,840 tablets per hour
2 Tooling "D" TSM Keyed Turret "D" or "B" TSM Keyed Turret "BB" TSM Keyed Turret
3 Max Tablet Diameter (Round: 22mm) / (Shaped: 25mm) (Round: 22mm) / (Shaped: 25mm) (Round: 13mm) / (Shaped: 16mm)
4 Max Turret Speed 30 rpm 30 rpm 30 rpm
5 Max. Compression Force ( kN) 60 60 60
6 Max. Pre-comp. Force (kN) 10 10 10
7 Machine Dimensions 30 x 31 x 64 in
750 x 800 x 1628 mm
30 x 31 x 64 in
750 x 800 x 1628 mm
30 x 31 x 64 in
750 x 800 x 1628 mm
8 Machine Weight 550 KG 550 KG 550 KG
9 Power Supply 220V, 60Hz, 3-Ph or as required 220V, 60Hz, 3-Ph or as required 220V, 60Hz, 3-Ph or as required