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Capsule Filler Machines

Capsule Filler Machines

Mid Speed Capsule Filler

Our mid-speed automatic capsule filling machine is designed to fill hard gelatin capsules with powder, pellets or granular materials. These machines are durable and reliable for filling empty gelatin capsule dosages to the highest accuracy. The operation of this fully automatic capsule filling machine is very smooth, simple to operate, and easy to maintain and clean, with low noise. These capsule fillers are built to meet the world's most advanced hard shell capsule encapsulating production requirements. Our capsule fillers will work with hard gelatin capsules in sizes 000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. All parts are made of high quality stainless steel to meet the cGMP standard. We integrated only SIEMENS electrical components and SIEMENS PLC for reliability.

United Pharmatek's Mid Speed Capsule Filler Machine has a finished product output range up to 72,000 capsules per hour on our Model UAC-1200C Capsule Filler or 54,000 Capsules per hour on our Model UAC-900C. Each capsule filler is designed to increase production rates and decrease the time required to get product to market. With its high filling rates and full automation of the capsule filling process, United Pharmatek's capsule fillers allow for minimal operator training, lower productions costs, and reduced wastage. Quick change over time offers the customer the ability to run many products or one product continuously, making them suitable for all types of manufacturers in the pharmaceutical, nutritional, foodstuffs and chemical industries who require a low maintenance, large scale production capacity. The enclosed turret design makes for simple clean up and maintenance.

Each capsule filler automatically orientates, opens the empty hard gelatin capsule, properly fills the capsule with powder, and closes the capsules. Our Automatic Capsule Filling Machine is suitable for filling capsule sizes ranging from #00 to #5. Utilizing the tamping style system, each tamping station can be adjusted individually for precision weight control. An adjustable gap between the Dosing Disk and the Tamping Plate ensures minimum spillage of powder. The capsule filling machine includes sensors for both product hopper and empty capsule hopper to ensure continuous uninterrupted operation. Defective capsules, such as unseparated capsules, are automatically ejected during the operation through vacuum suction. Air blow-out pins clean the segments after the capsules have been ejected and the complete capsule filling process is repeated for a fully automatic operation. .

Capsule Filler Machines Working Principle

  • Capsules are fed into the segments and separated by negative suction.
  • Transporting
  • Transporting
  • Compressed Powder slug is inserted into the capsule
  • Reserved for Pellet or micro tablet filling (Optional)
  • Ejection of faulty or defective capsules
  • Closing of the body and cap
  • Locking of the body and cap
  • Ejection of finished capsules
  • Segment blow-out for cleaning

Capsule Filler Machines  Working Principle

Hard Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Process

  • The powder slug is compressed to 1/5 thickness of dosing disk.
  • The powder slug is compressed to 2/5 thickness of dosing disk
  • The powder slug is compressed to 3/5 thickness of dosing disk
  • The powder slug is compressed to same as thickness of dosing disk
  • The compressed slug of powder is inserted into the capsules

Hard Gelatin Capsule Manufacturing Process

10-station Rotary Table
9-Holes per segment allows for 1200 capsules/min
Empty Capsules Filling Machine
Capsule Filler Machines Segments
Single Capsule Filling
Enclosed Turntable
Tamping Station
Dosing disks available for different fill weights
Pill Capsule Filler Encapsulator

UAF-1200C & UAF-900C Automatic Capsule Fillers

Capsule Filler Machines

Technical Specifications for Automatic Capsule Filler Machines

# Model UAF-1200C UAF-900C
1 Capacity 72,000 Capsules/hr. 54,000 Capsules/hr.
2 Capsule Sizes #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5 #000, #00, #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #5
3 Filling Precision >98% >98%
3 Compressed Air Consumption 3m3/h 3m3/h
3 Machine Dimensions 870x1020x1980mm (34"x40"x78") 870x1020x1980mm (34"x40"x78")
4 Power 220V 60Hz 3Ph or as required 220V 60Hz 3Ph or as required