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Capsule Polishing Machine

Capsule Polishing Machine

CPX-V Uphill Capsule Polisher Machine

Model CPX-V Uphill Capsule Polishing Machine polishes capsules and removes loose powder. With its built-in capsule sorter, it also removes empty, broken, or separated capsules from the filled capsules. The capsule polisher is a small, lightweight unit, which is very easy to use and convenient to move from one location to another. The uphill capsule polisher and sorter can be safely operated in-line with an automatic capsule filling machine or as a stand-alone machine for batch operations.

The height and angle of the capsule polishing machine can be adjusted to fit into any chute of a capsule filler. The Capsule Polisher automatically rejects low weight, fragmented, and empty capsules. New type net cylinder ensures no jammed capsules during operations. The capsules are not directly in contact with the metal net to protect the printed capsules effectively. Our new type of soft nylon rotary brush gently removes dust and powder from the capsules and is easy to change and very durable. Excellent design for quick cleaning and maintaining. The capsule polishing machine is suitable for all types of capsules without requiring changeover parts.

CPX-V Uphill Capsule Polisher

Capsule Polishing Machine

Technical Specifications for Elevating Capsule Polisher

# Model CPX-V
1 Capacity 300000 capsules/hr
2 Vacuum 0.3m3/min 0.3Mpa
3 Inlet Height 730mm
4 Outlet Height 1088mm
5 Machine Overall Dimension 1217 x 490 x 1500mm
3 Weight 76 kg