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Empty Capsule Sorter

Empty Capsule Sorter

Capsule Sorting Machine

The Empty capsule sorter is used for separating and rejecting empty or unqualified capsules such as lightweight, loose pieces, and chipped or cracked capsules after filling. The capsule sorter will automatically separate those unqualified capsules as they travel through a stream of compressed air, allowing the correct weight capsules to pass through and blowing the unqualified pieces into a separate chute that can be emptied out with ease.


  • Removes chips, loose pieces, and broken capsules
  • Small footprint - takes up very little space
  • All contact parts made of 316L S.S and all others are made of 304 S.S.
  • Sorts capsules of sizes 000 to 5
  • Ensures only good capsules in your batch
  • cGMP-compliant
  • Eliminates low weight-filled capsules, ensures no lost time in changeovers

Working Principle

  • Compressed air is connected to the machine.
  • The capsules are fed through the feeding chute.
  • The compressed air is regulated so that the correct dosage/weight capsules pass through and exit from the outlet side.
  • When loose pieces, empty capsules, or low weight capsules go through the unit, the compressed air will separate the loose pieces into the capsule collector.

CS Capsule Sorter

Empty Capsule Separator

# Model CS Capsule Sorter
1 Max Output Capacity 300,000 capsules per hour
2 Applicable Capsule Sizes 00# 0# 1# 2# 3# 4# 5#
3 Compressed Air 0.25 m3/min. 0.3Mpa
4 Dimensions (mm) 20" x 16" x (30" ~41")
5 Weight 33lbs