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Semi-Auto Tube Sealer

Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

Ultrasonic Semiauto Tube Sealer

STS-20P Semi-Automatic Ultrasonic Tube Sealer utilizes ultrasonic energy to Seal plastic and laminate tubes at up to 20 tubes per minute. Tubes are sealed with date/lot embossing, and trimmed off to create professional looking tubes; ideal for low volume production jobs, lab use and customer sales demo tubes. The machine components includes an ultrasonic sealing device, trimming station, tube length adjustment device, and manual conveyor.

  • Counter-top tube sealer
  • Mainly use Airtec electromagnetic valves and air cylinders
  • Standard Straight Cutting
  • The tube sealing height can be adjusted
  • Convenient hand-wheel adjustment for rated tube length
  • Temperature control unit and main machine are in one.
  • Heating Temperature is controlled via the touch screen.
Counter-Top Ultrasonic Tube Sealing Machine
Capacity of Up to 20 tubes per minute
Ultrasonic Plastic Tube Sealing Machine
 Ultrasonic Sealing Station Parts
Tube Sealing Station
Lot/Date Number Embossing and sealing in 1-single step
Excess Tube Trimmming Knife
W/ Safety Guarding around the knives for safety.
Ultrasonic Plastic/Laminate Tube Cutting Station Part

STS-20P SemiAuto Tube Sealer

Ultrasonic Tube Sealer

# Model STS-20P
1 Applications Plastic, Plastic Laminate, and Aluminum-Laminated Tubes
2 Capacity Up to 20 tubes per minute (Based on Ø30mm tube)
3 Tube Diameter 15 – 50mm
12 - 15mm (Custom Pucks)
4 Tube Length 110 - 220mm
50 - 110mm (Custom Pucks)
5 Machine Dimensions 22" x 21" x 35”
6 Net Weight 330lbs