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Lab Square Cone Blender

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Lab Square Cone Blender

United Pharmatek's Square Cone Blender is designed for ultra-uniform mixing of a wide range of products in the pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgical, food, light and related industries. Mixing Time and Rotation Speed is Controlled by SIEMENS PLC & SIEMENS PLC Touch Screen with Data recordable and printable with a mini printer. This type of blender has a three dimensional mixing method for high efficiency mixing unlike other 2-dimensional mixers.

Automatic Stop position at upright vertical position. Roughness degree inside is Ra≤0.4 µm and Roughness degree outside is Ra≤0.8µm.

Interchangeable Square Cone Bins

Can clamp bins of different volumes and weights, thus adapting to the different mixing requirements. There is no dead angle, concave-convex face and no screw on the surface and all angles are cambered. The surfaces outside and inside are mirror polished to achieve highest quality. The mixing efficiency reaches over 99% and charging coefficient ranges from 60% to 80%.

Pharmaceutical Mixing Working Principle

Lab Blender Layout

Lab Square Cone Blender

UCM Lab Interchangeable Bin Mixer

# Model UCM-50 UCM-100
1 Overall Capacity (L) 50 100
2 Max. Loading Capacity Volume (kg)) 25 50
3 Mixing Rotation (rpm) 3-20 3-20
4 Machine Weight (kg) 190 200
5 Total Power 0.37 0.55
6 L 1100 1455
7 W 700 700
8 H 1200 1400
9 H1 500 500