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Lab V Blender

Automatic V-Shell Mixers

Lab V-Shell Blenders are commonly used in pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, chemical, food and related industries to mix dried powder and granules in lab scale capacity. It consists of two V-Shells of different or same heights, and through the rotation of the vessel, the materials in these shells are mixed back and forth, crossed over, and rotated 360° to achieving ultimate uniform mixing.

United Pharmatek's V-Shell Blenders are rugged in designed and construction, 304 S.S. (optional 316L) mirror polished inner and outer shell to meet the cGMP standard.

Mirror polished 304 S.S. Mixing Twin Shell & Housing
316L Contact V-Shell as optional
 Twin V-Shell Mixer
Interchangeable V-Shell Mixer Blender
Removable Interchangeable V-Vessel as standard – Variable Speed Control (Standard)
Interchangeable with either 1 CuFt, 2 CuFt, 3 CuFt Shells
Integrate with Intensifier bar driving system
Removeable Intensifier Bar
Removeable Intensifier Bar for Lab Blender

Lab Interchangeable Shell Blenders

Lab V Blender

# Interchangeable V-Shell U-1 CBF U-2 CBF U-3 CBF
1 Vessel Volume (L) 28 56 85
2 Max. Mixing Volume (L) 28 56 85
3 Max. Mixing Weight (kg/batch) 8 15 20
4 Mixing Rotation (rpm) ~15 ~15 ~15