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UOG-400 Oscillating Granulator

Oscillating Granulator

UOG Oscillating Granulator

The Oscillating Granulator is a popular granulating machine used for size reduction or forming the required granule sizes from moist powder material or for crushing dried block stock, sensitive powders, and granules in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries. Oscillating Granulators make the quality of granules better by facilitating their flowability and handling.

The Oscillating Granulator has one rotor, which oscillates on a horizontal axis. There is one screen of your required mesh size mounted at the bottom of the rotor which can be removed and remounted easily; its tension is also adjustable. Product is loaded from the top through the infeed hopper, and material falls on the rotor blade. The particles are broken down by a set the oscillating rotors as it moves from side to side. The sharp edges on the rotor, the oscillating movement of the rotor, and subsequent pressure of the product against the screen allows the size reduction of the granular material to take place as the material gets pushed through the screen mesh. (multiple screens available of various mesh sizes).

The driving mechanism is totally enclosed in the machine body and its lubrication system improves the lifetime of the mechanical components. These granulators are constructed with quality stainless steel to meet the GMP standard. The UOG Series machines are among the most affordable oscillating granulators in the industry.

Max. of 300 kg per hour, (660 lbs/hr) for Wet Granulation
Max. of 700 kg per hour, (1,540 lbs/hr) for Dry Granulation
Oscillating Granulator Machine
 Oscillating Granulating Machine for Milling
Stainless steel screen
Several Screen Mesh Sizes Available
Single Roller (forward and reverse)
Roller Rotation Range: 360 degree
Oscillating Granulator for Wet and Dry granulation process

Powder Reduction Machine

Oscillating Granulator

# Model UOG-400
1 Capacity (Dry) 700 kg/h - (1,540 lbs/hr.)
2 Capacity (Wet) 300 kg/h - (660 lbs/hr.)
3 Rotor Speed 60 ~ 100 rpms
4 Overall Dimensions 960 x 750 x 1240 (38"x29"x49")
5 Net Weight 420kg or 925lbs